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lps3000Δυναμόμετρο  με micro-processor για γραφική και ψηφιακή απεικόνηση των μετρήσεων , με μεγάλη ποικιλία προγραμμάτων για την μέγιστη προσαρμοστικότητα για όλες τις δοκιμές στο εργαστήριο μας


Measurement program

-Power measurement at constant RPM,speed,tractive force
-Graphical and numerical display of wheel,drag and engine power and torque
-Background display of three power measurements
-Individual display of performance curves
-Display of speed,RPM and oil temperature during power measurement
-Projection of engine power according to DIN 70020,
EEC 80/1269,ISO 1585,JIS D 1001,SAE J 1349



Load simulation with graphical evaluation

-Constant RPM,speed,tractive force
-Road driving simulation

External measurement data

-Data collection program for external measurement values:
pressure,temperature,OBD data (optional)
-Three additional external values displayable as curves
-Connection for MAHA emission testers MGT 5,MDO 2 LON
-Connection for Krupp/AIC fuel consumption testers for
Otto and Diesel engines

Graphical evaluation for power measurement &load simulation

-Evaluation of performance diagrams via cursor function with
numerical display of values at the cursor position
-5x zoom function for evaluation of curves
-Graphical display of measured values
-Visual display of limit value deviation
-Text input in diagrams and entry field of printout
-Selection of measurement units (kW/PS/BHP......)
-Test program for speedometer display
-Stop watch for acceleration measurement between selectable speed marks